Why Sponsor?

Why Should Corporations Provide Sponsorship to NAMWOLF?

  • Contributions to NAMWOLF are used to keep NAMWOLF, a non-profit trade association, running which in turn provides corporations with the ability to find minority and women owned law firms that have been vetted by NAMWOLF ̶ by an admission committee consisting of nearly all in-house counsel ̶ using internal and external criteria designed to ensure that the member law firms meet the high quality standards that corporate legal groups demand.
  • Contributions that go to NAMWOLF help fund both the Annual Meeting and the Back to Business Meeting where in-house attend at no cost and obtain:
    • The opportunity to network with NAMWOLF Firms
    • The opportunity to network with and learn from other in-house counsel during the overall events and in-house only sessions
    • 10 – 15 CLE courses (at no cost)
    • Attend the Law Firm Expo. As NAMWOLF’s signature event it provides a unique opportunity to meet with the top minority and women owned law firms in the country. In-house counsel have the opportunity to schedule fifteen-minute appointments with selected firms or walk the Expo freely. A detailed directory of NAMWOLF firms is distributed prior to the Annual Meeting and Law Firm Expo
    • The opportunity to better understand what NAMWOLF is all about and help achieve NAMWOLF’s mission and vision.
  • Contributions to NAMWOLF are used to fund all operational costs of NAMWOLF including supporting Practice Area Committees, development and enhancement of the website, newsletter and the NAMWOLF Team that supports NAMWOLF.
  • Dollars that corporations provide directly to NAMWOLF firms are in exchange for legal services and do not go towards NAMWOLF operating expenses.(In response to an occasional question we hear: “I give money to law firms, why am I giving money to NAMWOLF?”)
  • Economic support of NAMWOLF is an effective way for a corporate legal group to demonstrate its commitment to inclusiveness in the legal profession to external constituencies and is complimentary (not in conflict with) in-house“big firm” diversity programs. It also aligns perfectly with corporate supplier diversity programs that are typically CEO sponsored and approved programs.With the corporation’s permission, the corporation’s commitment will be advertised in NAMWOLF press releases, on the website, and in social media. This positive branding in the diversity supplier marketplace increases the profile of the corporate legal group and diminishes unmanaged attrition as well as making the legal group more attractive to high caliber candidates. The corporation is free to use its sponsorship of NAMWOLF in its own public relations strategies.
  • The corporation and its law department may leverage its demonstrated commitment by internally advertising its economic support of NAMWOLF. Corporate employees are more likely to engage with NAMWOLF and its member firms and promote the corporation’s internal diversity and inclusion initiatives if they know the corporate policy is to support NAMWOLF economically
  • Economic support of NAMWOLF is an excellent tool to use in recruiting and retaining top talent.

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